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How much is your Health Worth?

How much is your Health Worth?

So here I stand in the middle of Bed Bath and Beyond, arguing with myself. Have you ever found yourself doing that in public? I do this ALL the time. Sad but true! I suppose it is just thinking out loud.

Age is funny though, I never would have done this in my twenties. By the time I was in my forties, I would just catch myself and chuckle. Now I don't care, I actually mumble and talk myself through the situation. It's like self therapy.

Do I want to buy this mattress topper? Is it too much money? Is it really going to help? Can I get away with the cheaper one? What's the big difference? And.. why are they so bloody expensive?

If you have been following my blog, you will know that we have had some house guests lately. It is wonderful! I love seeing everyone. Our house is large enough to accommodate extra people but the bed situation is a little short. Typically, my daughter gets displaced. She is a good sport about the whole situation, so I decided to buy a sleeper sofa and put it in the back TV room. The mattress is like most sleeper sofa mattresses----PATHETIC. The only quick solution was to buy a mattress topper. I had bought one online a few years ago and was able to secure a great price for a good quality topper. Why I ever got rid of it, I'll never know! Last minute decisions are usually not cost effective, so I was in a quandary.

A good nights sleep is beneficial for everyone! Firstly, for your own health and physical comfort. It definitely helps with your disposition the next day and in turn, as they say..........s%*# rolls downhill. The whole family will benefit from everyone, especially a teenager, having a good nights sleep!

So back to my public monologue; do I spend the money and get a decent mattress topper that will prevent pain or save some money and cross my fingers that all will be well?

I am always reminded of a comment my brother made to me years ago when I was having a similar issue buying running shoes. I was too cheap to buy them 2 or 3 times a year. He said "you know Darlene, if you don't spend the $100 now for that pair of running shoes, (mind you, it is now $150-$200) you will be spending 3X that amount in medical bills."


shoes picHe was so very right, being proactive and preventing problems may seem very expensive now, but the cost and pain that you incur from lack of prevention, could conceivably be much more damaging to the bank account and also your body.

As you stand in a public place and debate cutting corners on a product that may have significant health benefits, keep in mind of the cost savings for your health. It is more pleasant to spend money on a pillow or mattress, running shoes, exercise class--OR physical therapy than it is to pay a doctor's or surgeon's medical bill?