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Get Back To Golf With Our 6 Week Golf Physical Therapy Program

Back to golf program

Don't Let Nagging Back Pain Keep You From Crushing The Competition. Upgrade Your Golf Swing And Rid Yourself Of Back Pain.

MEDX For Golf Physical Therapy

Strengthen Like A Professional
At Back to Health our treatment programs incorporate use of MedX equipment as part of our spinal strengthening program.
The exercise works to increase range of motion, bone density, and facilitates the normal pumping action to promote disc hydration and healing.
Many methods of treating back or neck problems offer temporary relief, MedX spinal strengthening can provide long term benefit.


Last year I threw my back out and was unable to lift anything heavy or care for my children. I went to Back to Health and their team worked on me for almost an hour straight. I left the office feeling amazing and completely capable again. What was even more amazing is they educated me about my spine and what happened when I had slipped and fell, showing me how and why I was in so much pain. I would recommend the team at Back to Health to anyone, especially golfers!
Joy L