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Darlene Wooldridge


Darlene's true passion in life is helping others. Her contagious energy paired with a NY style sense of humor has enabled Darlene to become a well-loved and deep-rooted member of her community.

Darlene earned her degree at NYU in New York City and has enjoyed practicing physical therapy for the past 40 years. In 2004, her dream of owning her own practice came to fruition as she opened the doors of Back To Health; a private physical therapy and wellness practice serving the Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas of South Florida.

Darlene’s passion of helping others comes to life both in and out of the physical therapy office as she has successfully infused her love for all her patients into each and every staff member at Back to Health.

This boutique clinic is a loving and caring home away from home that is distinguishable by the quality of care and commitment exemplified by the staff meticulously groomed by Darlene.

Outside of the clinic, Darlene is well known for her active lifestyle. Some of her most exemplary accomplishments include hiking major mountains throughout the US and raising funds to help free those enslaved in Human Trafficking. She has also participated in Mission Trips to Guatemala where she helped build homes for those in need.

Adventure is in Darlene’s blood and she has had the privilege of traveling the world. One of her fondest excursions involved sailing around Australia and across the Pacific in a 35ft boat! When she is not out traveling and exploring the world, you can be assured that she is playing with her grandchildren and continuing the legacy of health and wellness to all she encounters. To learn more about Darlene and her vast knowledge accumulated from the 40 plus years of her profession.

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Physical Therapist and Author

Darlene Wooldridge

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