Back To Health Physical Therapy Clinic

What We Do

The physical therapists at Back To Health (BTH) are dedicated to providing patients with the best and most comprehensive orthopedic physical therapy.  Our goal is to help patients achieve long term restoration so they may return to their normal activities.

Our Mission

To provide unparalleled professional service and care to our patients. Our care encompasses treatment of the mind, body, and soul to achieve the most successful outcomes possible; most notably by providing long term relief from physical pain. As a result, the quality of our patients’ lives and their health vastly improves their function for everyday living. Back to Health is staffed with hard working, passionate clinicians that are proactive and precise with the care of those they serve.

​Back To Health offers Health and Wellness programs that focus on specific individual needs and preventative education. Teaching the necessary tools to stay ahead of the curve as our bodies change and age. This allows us at Back to Health to provide “health care” as opposed to “sick care”.  We are a community resource for total health and wellness and we refuse to wait until an injury has already occurred to teach our patients how to heal and recover.

​We at Back to Health give 100% in every aspect of what we do.  We are committed to taking the extra step to overcome obstacles, setbacks, and hiccups as the road to recovery is not always linear. The phrase “nothing worth having comes easy” drives our tenacity to be the best and most respected physical therapy clinic in the community. We will work diligently to get you back to Health no matter what. The best and most beautiful things in the world are achieved with hard work and passion.

​Our core strength is our team of physical therapists. Without a team of people to implement our mission, we would not be able to bring to life the goals and expectations that are the core of Back to Health. We work together as a team to make our patients and clients feel cared for while guiding them towards lasting relief from chronic pain, restoring function and introducing them to all aspects of what it means to get “Back to Health”.

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The physical therapists at Back To Health PT


Meet Our Team


Darlene Wooldridge physical therapist

Darlene Wooldridge

Physical Therapist

Darlene has been a physical therapist for 40 years and founded Back To Health in 2004, a physical therapy and wellness private practice has been a physical therapist for 40 years and founded Back To Health in 2004, a physical therapy and wellness private practice serving the Fort Lauderdale area

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Mindy Scheinberg Physical Therapist

Mindy Scheinberg

Physical Therapist

As a fellow New Yorker turned Floridian (circa 1991), Mindy has been a Physical Therapist for over 29 years. She has served in the area of orthopedics and simultaneously Healthcare management for the majority of her career. She loves seeing all orthopedic patients, specifically post-surgical patients ...

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Physical therapist Lisa Grilliot

Lisa Grilliot

Physical Therapist

Lisa spent several years working as a Traveling Physical Therapist in her early career before settling in Florida. Traveling for pleasure is now one of her favorite pastimes.

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Bill Rodowsky physical therapist

Bill Rodowsky


Bill is a fully recovered pastry chef turned PTA. He has been a PTA for over 30 years but still dabbles in the food industry (ie, sharing recipes and food with us for the past 13 years). Bill has an insatiable appetite for knowledge and is always looking into new ways to help his patients ...

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Fi Halfpenny PT

Fi Halfpenny


Fiorella was born in Peru but has lived in Fort Lauderdale since her childhood. She can be classified as a native Floridian as she attended Cardinal Gibbons HS. She has been a practicing PTA for the last 24 years and that time has been concentrated in the area of orthopedics.

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Sports Susie Moore Medicine Orthopedic Physical Therapist

Susie Moore

Physical Therapist

Susie is a true Fort Lauderdale native and a Sports Medicine Orthopedic Physical Therapist. She has numerous years of experience treating professional, collegiate and even Olympic athletes; as well as many high school and local athletes at all levels. Her experience has made her an expert ....

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