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Myokinesthetic Treatment

(MYK) Myokinesthetic treatment is a system developed by chiropractor Dr Uriarte to help patients living with pain, and/or mobility issues that limit their abilities to enjoy life to it's fullest. It's system to treat the body as an "outward expression of the nervous system" In other words the nervous system tells the muscles what to do, and the muscles tell the bones what to do so treatment is focused on the nerves that control everything else.

Pain, movement dysfunction and postural deviations all have one common element..the central nervous system, it regulates them all and can be treated quickly and effectively with Myokinesthetics. Treatment with MYK takes less than 15 min on average, noticeable results are usually seen in 2 to 4 treatments and lasting results are usually achieved within 12 visits.

By regulating muscles, bones and organs the central nervous system is like the foundation of a house, if it's not solid and true nothing else in the building will be either. "If you don't have a good foundation, you won't have good roof"

Optimum muscle and organ function requires a strong and unimpeded nerve signal from the brain, MYK is a dependable modality to achieve that goal, is painless and can be taught to the patient for self treatment to carry the results into the future.

Myokinesthetic Treatment is a simple and natural way of strengthening or unblocking the nerves that are the root cause of pain or movement disfunction. When a nerve is restricted by herniation's, inflammation or skeletal misalignment the effect is similar to a what happens when a garden hose gets"kinked up" you get enough water to let a plant live, but not thrive! When a muscle or organ do not get a robust, strong nerve signal it cannot thrive...if your muscles don't thrive they will start to hurt or limit your ability to move. MYK can reverse and/or prevent that problem!

What to Expect from a Myokinesthetic Treatment?

The initial assessment/treatment will examine your whole body as most issues are a result of multiple break downs in function. After the assessment a specific nerve or group of nerves will be treated. The treatment is similar to a massage, does not require you to remove clothing, takes 15 min and usually some change in pain or movement ability will be appreciated immediately.

The protocol for treatment is to be treated two days in a row, and then every two days until a total of 6 treatment in a two week period. At this point there will be some certainty as to whether MYK will work for your return to balance function and well being.

Further treatment may be necessary and if so they are spaced apart by how long the symptoms stay away, each treatment after the first 6 will be 15-20 min. The first 6 treatments are sold as a package for $275.00, additional appointments after those are $35.00 each.

Myokinesthetic Treatments is not a typical treatment, but it does have exceptional outcomes especially when other treatments have not been effective. We treat many diagnosis including neuropathy, sciatica, neck pain, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel, urinary frequency, and even snoring!!

If you would like to have more information or to give MYK a trial please reach out to our therapist to answer any questions that you might have using our contact form.

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