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Healthy spine

You can see how the healthy muscle tissue in this image "hug" and support the spine


Unhealthy spine

The dark areas around the vertebrae show atrophied muscles and fatty infiltration.

At Back to Health our treatment programs incorporate use of MedX equipment as part of our spinal strengthening program. The exercise works to increase range of motion, bone density, and facilitates the normal pumping action to promote disc hydration and healing.

Many methods of treating back or neck problems offer temporary relief, MedX spinal strengthening can provide long term benefit. A surgical solution to back and neck pain is usually indicated in a very small percentage of cases, instead spinal surgeons usually recommend that their patients try exercise-based physical therapy first.

The MedX cervical extension offers the same benefits for the cervical spine. Peer reviewed medical journals establish the long term effectiveness of physical therapy programs that incorporate the use of MedX can be found here: MedXOnline

Since 2004, Back to Health, has built its reputation by providing effective physical therapy in a warm and welcoming environment. When you walk through our door, you will be treated with respect and kindness by all of our staff. Top spine physicians and surgeons agree that spinal strengthening and postural re-education is the most effective treatment for most cases of chronic back or neck pain.

The MRI images below illustrate how a deconditioned spine is weak and unstable such that a small movement like bending to pick up the newspaper can cause an event of acute spinal pain. A strong, flexible spine effectively supports weight and movement and is much more resilient when overstressed, so you won't feel that achy fatigue as the day wears on.

The following video explains and demonstrates how physical therapy that incorporates strengthening on the MedX Lumber extension helps patients recover from chronic back pain:

Neck and back physical therapy

NBC News report on Med X Healthy Back success!

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