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Sit to Stand Exercise

1 Easy Sit To Stand Exercise For All Ages

Have you ever heard of the sit to stand exercise that is a great little physical therapy tip if you sometimes find yourself struggling to stand after sitting at the table without using your arms to stand up! Or to get yourself off the sofa without using your arms for a support after sitting for a while? Well there is a very easy sit to stand exercise that you can follow that will help strengthen your leg muscles, specifically the quadriceps and the gluteal muscles more commonly known as the quads and your glutes!

Being a physical therapist, I realize that some people can’t get up without assistance. I usually note that these people are advanced in age. Not anymore! Young people and middle aged are pulling at the seat in front of them and every seat along the way!

What has happened to our society? We can’t get up from a chair without assistance. Now I know what you are saying, but it’s such close quarters that you can’t get your feet underneath you. Hogwash! I watch people all the time. In restaurants, in business meetings, they are pulling at the table or pushing off from their chair with a grunt.

Sit To Stand Exercise In Public Places

A few days ago, I was sitting in the airport and thinking of my flight to Charlotte, NC. Uneventful, which is wonderful, as flights these days have always had the odd surprise. I have traveled a lot this summer and I love traveling. I also love watching people and airports and planes are ripe for the picking!

Now I’m not complaining but it does bother me when people get up out of their seats on the plane and literally tear the seat out of it’s rivets just to stand up. Now I’m not talking about the odd reach out for a simple touch the seat for balance. I’m referring to a total heave ho to get up.

Did you know that one of the biggest indicators of functional decline is not being able to get up from the floor. If you can’t get out of a chair easily, you have no chance of getting up off the floor. So, what is the answer?

If you find yourself sat at an airport look around for yourself, try the sit to stand exercise for yourself. See how easy it is for you to complete the exercise.

Sit to Stand Exercise You Can Do At Home

Start working on your sit to stand ability. It's EASY! Sit down and stand up. Try it without using your hands. If you need to use your arms for assistance, do that. Just be safe. Start by doing this 5 times. Do it a few times a day. Not too hard. Every time you sit, just multiply it. When it starts to become easier (and it will) perform the same movements without using your arms. Then increase the repetitions.

Consistency is key. You cannot build strength without consistent exercise. You may not see results in the first week or two - DON’T give up. You will surprise yourself. So much of our progress is awareness.

I mentioned to a group of business associates, at a meeting, that they should try and do this. No one was aware that they had started this process of decline. They just got used to using their arms to get up. Our legs have the biggest and strongest muscles in our body. They need to be used and worked.

In this case “use it or lose it” is true. It’s not age that catches up with us - it’s the fact that we don’t stay active enough! Get up and MOVE!

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Do you struggle to stand up without using your hands to support yourself? Well try this simple easy sit to stand exercise to help strengthen your quads and glutes.

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