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Consistency is Key

Consistency is Key

This morning work was SLOW.

So slow......the phones weren't ringing like normal, the silence was almost deafening. We don't have too many days like this and as business goes, and that's a good thing! My office manager, who is usually right on the ball and quick to think and answer questions, appeared tongue tied. (Hard to believe, especially if you know her!)

She told me that she had slowed down so much, when the phones started ringing, she had to actually think. She stumbled over her words and felt like she had never answered the phone in this office before. Her mind body connection needed rebooting.

How often do we seem to get more done and think better when we are busy.

It is not much different with our muscles. When we are using them and regularly exercising, everything seems to come easy and naturally. Taking a break from movement often sets us back and can become frustrating. It doesn't take very long for our muscles to "lose their memory". Rebooting is necessary.

That's a weird concept but it is true. It is similar to riding a bike, once you get in the groove, it all comes back, but it also has a little of the "old age" component as well. The longer we let it go (our bodies or minds), the longer it seems to take to come back. Sometimes we wonder if it ever will or if this our new normal!

The older I get, the more I realize how important exercise is. It doesn't have to be extreme exercise like training for the Spartan race (which mind you-almost killed me!) It just needs to be consistent and comprehensive. I used to get up every morning at 5am and go for a run. When my knee decided to speak to me I had to change activities. Surgery however, put me at a dead STOP. Talk about rebooting, YIKES! I just about lost my entire VMO (the little muscle on the inside of your leg just above the kneecap, that amazing muscle that I marvel at on soccer players) It took a lot of work to get that started again.

Once I was "rehab"ed and on my own it was up to me and only me to stay strong. I had to force myself to start a new routine. It was difficult to change but I had to go back to my roots. The basics, balance strength and flexibility.

I now make time for some aerobic activity (walking, biking, rowing). I also try to get in some strengthening, either yoga or core strengthening activities. Get your heart involved, both physically and emotionally. Find something you like to do and stick with it. Don't try to do an activity that you hate, remember that exercising is like eating. Our bodies need food (good food for fuel) and exercise; but you don't want to be binge exercising (intense and none at all) or binge eating. It will serve you better if you are consistent for a long time. This way you are not giving your body any time to forget its natural motion.

Find something you enjoy, get up, get going and be consistent! Your mind and body will thank you.