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Susie Moore is a true Fort Lauderdale native and a Sports Medicine Orthopedic Physical Therapist. She has numerous years of experience treating professional, collegiate and even Olympic athletes; as well as many high school and local athletes at all levels.

Her experience has made her an expert in the Sports Medicine field and many athletes seek her services for various sports related issues. She has concentrated the majority of her Physical Therapy experience in the area of orthopedics.

Susie loves seeing post-surgical patients including total knee replacement, total hip replacement, labral tears in hips or shoulders, rotator cuff repair, ACL repair etc...

She is versatile and has a hands-on approach with excellent manual skills. Her functional based treatment plans allow her patients to return to their chosen activity quickly. When not in the clinic you will often see Susie running or walking outdoors if she is not on the tennis court.

Current licensing in KKT taping, CSCS, ACSM

susie moore

Suzie's Availability

Tue: 1pm-5pm
Wed: 1pm-5pm
Thu: 1pm-5pm
Fri: 1pm-5pm

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