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SI dysfunction can cause a host of varying symptoms. Including back pain. The circular arrangement of the pelvis allows for a problem in the back to cause pain in the front. If you have groin pain, or pain during sex, or an uncomfortable feeling that you can't really describe in your pelvic floor, it could be coming from your SI joint. The pelvis is the foundation of the body and where many things are attached. Anything that disrupts the attachment, the length or direction of pull of a muscle with create pain, discomfort and dysfunction. Check with a physical therapist to assess whether this is the origin of your problem.

SI dysfunction is more common than we realize. It is many times misdiagnosed as low back pain. This video will explain a key point indicating SI dysfunction vs low back pain or sciatica. The symptoms are so similar and many times doctors overlook the SI joint because of the lack of motion. If you have been pregnant and have constant back pain, this might be your answer. IF you have had a low back fusion and now have back pain again, this might be your issue. SI is an acronym for sacraliliac. that is the name of the joint in your pelvis. This joint is the solid foundation where your back connects to your pelvis. It can cause a host of problems and pains.

Why is good posture so important? Not only will you look and feel better but you will breathe better and easier- it will give you clarity and bring more blood flow to your head- neck entire body. Depression has been linked to poor posture. Even digestion is better! Balance and coordination is improved! Stand up straight! Sit up straight! Learn how to sleep with better posture! Good posture puts our entire body in alignment and allows it to function at its optimum. Better performance for the athlete AND less chance of injuries.

These 4 exercises are part of the "Daily Dozen"- a set of exercises that cover movement, range of motion and strengthening for your entire body. The first 4 are so important to do EVERY day - they will help with movement and injury prevention.

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