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Happy Back Yoga Class

Happy Back Yoga class is a 6 week series of yoga physical therapy classes designed for those of you with back problems. The educational component will teach you to understand the body and spine. Learn how to modify a pose, avoid certain poses that could possibly cause harm, and be able to decipher for yourself what may be beneficial or detrimental for your own body.

Class size is limited in order to provide individual attention to each and every detail. Although most participants have had some type of orthopedic issue, this class is very helpful for the beginner that does not want to injure themselves when just beginning yoga.

Our amazing therapist Bill is the instructor. You will love the way he guides you through the process. He is a licensed PTA, massage therapist and yoga instructor. His holistic way of looking at the body and interactions will amaze you.

Classes are 6 consecutive weeks. They are held on each Saturday at 11am-12pm.

The next 6 week series starts on (Coming Soon).

Total cost is $160. Reservations are required. A $80 deposit will hold your spot. Please call the office and reserve your mat (or chair or table).

Seats are limited, so register now!

Individual appointments are available as well…

Please call our clinic at (954) 565-0075 if you prefer to schedule a 1-on-1 appointment with one of our Physical Therapists to learn how Physical Therapy can help you get out of pain naturally! 

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