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As a fellow New Yorker turned Floridian (circa 1991), Mindy has been a Physical Therapist for over 29 years. She has served in the area of orthopedics and simultaneously Healthcare management for the majority of her career.

Mindy loves seeing all orthopedic patients, specifically post-surgical patients whether it is shoulder surgery, rotator cuff, total shoulder replacement, total hip replacement, or total knee replacement.

She excels in manual treatments including Kinesiotaping and the Graston technique.

Mindy is a go getter and will do whatever it takes to make someone feel better and stay healthy! We are lucky to have her at Back To Health as she served at her previous job for 18 years. She is a caring soul that celebrates getting all of her patients Back To Health.

On the outside chance that you see Mindy NOT working… it will most likely be with her beloved Bauer. He is a handsome golden retriever with his own Instagram page that wins your heart the minute you see him.

Mindy also loves spending time with her children that live in Boston and her hobbies include skiing, walking and spending time with friends and family.

Mindy Scheinberg

Mindys Availability

Mon: 8am-5pm
Tue: 10am-7pm
Wed: 8am-5pm
Thu: 10am-7pm
Fri: 8am-5pm


I was referred to "Back To Health " ( BTH) by a friend who was having therapy for a broken ankle., At that time I was trying to recover from MAJOR back surgery that lasted 7 hours on the table, I had a... * Laminectomy * Lower Spinal Fusions * Disc Removal (2) Honestly I was in pretty bad shape., I did have some home health therapy which helped a little but the pain / neuropathy and the difficulty in movement was quite severe!. I thought I would never get back to normal and that the surgery went wrong in some way! The surgeon (as many I understand are) was just a cut and you are on your own type / Never counseling me on very much needed post-operative requirements / referrals and therapy. !!!! I was very depressed and thought I was going to be semi crippled forever.... { I even considered legal action } Then I found "Back to Health " (BTH)., BTH immediately and in detail accessed my situation with a specific degree of knowledge on what I needed ( post operation ) to get on the road to normal again!! BTH gave me targeted therapy and advice that not even the Medical professionals gave me or even mentioned that I needed! Because of BTH I am now 99% back to normal and have made / making excellent progress !!! BTH addresses your individual needs with excellent ( better than the DR ) specific and targeted therapies to get better!!! I had an exceptional therapist ( Mindy ) who really knows her trade / the entire staff is the same and they knew EXACTLY what I needed !!I highly recommend "Back to Health " for anyone who needs professional and area specific / targeted physical therapy !I don't think the business can be better named '''' Back to Health """ very, very true // Sincere Thank you!!!!!!
Richard K.
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